AWRANA Conference

From 4 to 7 of April 2022, the Conference AWRANA 2022 Tracing Social Dynamics in Barcelona is taking place. For this meeting members of the project prepared a poster presentation UPPER PALAEOLITHIC OSSEOUS ARTEFACTS FROM THE MAMUTOWA CAVE IN POLAND. FIRST RESULTS OF THE TRACEOLOGICAL STUDIES (author Justyna Orłowska).

The study’s main objective is to present the first results of the traceological analyses concerning selected osseous artefacts found in the site Mamutowa Cave in Poland. The poster presents observations and interpretations made on one type of artefacts discovered on the site, namely the Mladeč-type points. During the traceological analysis of the mentioned artefacts, many technological traces were identified, which allowed to comment on and interpret the method of their production.

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