AWRANA Conference

From 4 to 7 of April 2022, the Conference AWRANA 2022 Tracing Social Dynamics in Barcelona is taking place. For this meeting members of the project prepared a poster presentation UPPER PALAEOLITHIC OSSEOUS ARTEFACTS FROM THE MAMUTOWA CAVE IN POLAND. FIRST RESULTS OF THE TRACEOLOGICAL STUDIES (author Justyna Orłowska).

The study’s main objective is to present the first results of the traceological analyses concerning selected osseous artefacts found in the site Mamutowa Cave in Poland. The poster presents observations and interpretations made on one type of artefacts discovered on the site, namely the Mladeč-type points. During the traceological analysis of the mentioned artefacts, many technological traces were identified, which allowed to comment on and interpret the method of their production.

New publication

Finally, We can present the results of AMS dating of a unique collection of the Late Glacial and Early Holocene osseous projectile points from Poland that had previously been chrono-culturally attributed by means of relative dating using typological approaches only. The results obtained are considered alongside current knowledge and typological arrangements for these types of tools in Europe. The article was published in Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences Journal:

Orłowska, J., Osipowicz, G. Accuracy of the typological classifications of the Late Glacial and Early Holocene osseous projectile points according to the new AMS dates of selected artifacts from Poland. Archaeol Anthropol Sci 14, 8 (2022).

Experimental works

An important part of the conducted research is experimental work related to, inter alia, efficiency testing and analysis of damage occurring on osseous projectile points. After a proper number of tests, the obtained experimental collections of points are analyzed macro- and microscopically and used as comparative material in relation to archaeological finds.

New publication

All interested are invited to read the article on the new research results on the very interesting slotted point from Poland which was published in the Praehistorische Zeitschrift Journal:

Osipowicz, G., Orłowska, J., Bosiak, M., Manninen, M., Targowski, P. & Sobieraj, J. (2020). Slotted bone point from Tłokowo – rewritten story of a unique artefact from Mesolithic Poland. Praehistorische Zeitschrift95(2), 334-349.

Sampling for dating

An important element of the project is to verify the chronology of selected osseous points from Poland that are commonly associated with the Late Palaeolithic and/or Mesolithic. For this purpose, small samples are collected from selected artefacts, the absolute age of which will be later determined with the radiocarbon AMS method.

Collecting samples from one of the barbed points. Regional Museum in Wolin. Photo by Karolina Kokora.